Nesreća (off/DEATH)

“‌Humanity alone is responsible for this horror.” name: Nesreća, also known as “The Coarse Anguish” and “The Ragged Sorrow” Female form, “The Bleed” physical appearance: 6’4″, thin figure with no muscle tone facial appearance modeled after Toni Collette no eyes, just empty bleeding sockets chest length blood-soaked blonde hair fashion appearance: wears an ankle length […]


“No Name” (Officium)

name: has no actual name, “named” “No Name” by Dawn – male physical appearance: 6’3″, African-American, darker complexion thin build, minimal muscle build rib length dreadlocks, black in color both eyes all black; left eye has blue, flickering flame; right has light gray ring fashion appearance: black dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to elbow […]


Dawn (Officium)

name: Dawn – female physical appearance: 6’2″, Turkish neither overly thin or fat, more of a “mesomorph” body type short, gray hair styled and cut similar to Morena Baccarin in the 2009 television show “V” hazel colored eyes black tattoo outlining lower jaw and fists fashion appearance: dresses in loose and revealing clothing, bright colors […]