Bliss (off/DEATH)


  • Bliss – female

physical appearance:

  • 5′ 7″, thin and athletic build, barefoot
  • albino pale skin, Caucasian female features, no makeup or piercings
  • right eye all black, left eye all white
  • stark white teeth, gold canines, long silver tongue
  • deep cut scar from right ear’s tragus to right corner of mouth, deep cut scar from right corner of right eye to bottom of jawbone; both scars intersect, forming an “x” on the right side of her face
  • purple braided ponytail with bright red highlights, halfway down back in length

fashion appearance:

  • baby blue running shorts, tight fitting
  • fluorescent green sleeveless running hoody
  • carries a dark cherry wood violin with gold accents and a gold bow

personality and behavior:

  • sociopath and a little sadistic
  • enjoys a good fight, enjoys a good kill even more
  • moves smooth like flowing magma; overtaking what’s in her way, rather than going around, with little to no effort
  • does not require food or drink
  • loves to tell stories and lies, as much as she does the truth
  • curious and interested towards everyone and everything, finding people and circumstances amusing
  • enjoys the sound of violins, pianos, and harmonicas
  • fears nothing and no one


  • superhuman senses, speed, strength, endurance
  • bulletproof, fireproof
  • superhuman durability
  • peak human pain tolerance


  • “twin sister” of Fiend
  • no knowledge of age or origin
  • just about a funhouse mirror reflection of Fiend

team/group affiliation:


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