beings that exist beyond the life, time, or power restrictions of others


  • preschooler age in appearance with glowing completely pink eyes
  • present in pairs during any event that leads to a major change in direction for an individual’s life or a group’s existence without interference or interaction
  • while finding other beings amusing, they react bashfully if approached; only ever whispering amongst each other and giggling

The Most High:

  • ancient Mythics only rumored to exist through fairy tales and mythology
  • while understanding all languages and dialects, the native language of these beings is a lost and forgotten “click language”
  • choosing to reduce their interactions with humanity, their seclusion has allowed their existence to be all but forgotten


  • Mythics whom exist outside of reality and time
  • no set gender or race, these beings often alternate between physical forms

Fractured Spread:

  • Mythics of elemental existence and power
  • each element is bonded with its sibling element in a singular physical “body”, while being able to alter its form depending on the elemental being present
  • conduits for the existence of humanity, as well as the identities of the zodiac
  • are omnipresence, exist everywhere the element of which they are is
  • able to traverse through and control the very element of which they are
  • have regular contact and communication with all other Mythics