Kaleiding Melodies (synopsis)

This is a story of pursuit.

Three groups of people traverse dimensions for reasons that motivate their every step. Some wish to avenge, others intend to control, and there still remains those who wish to love. Various emotions inspire various songs and colors, this is both life and art, it is often inevitable for a collision to occur.

This collision is what we shall call a “kaleidoscope of melodies”.

Act 1:

The Miscreants travel throughout multiple dimensions in search of the powerful Gaia, a woman responsible for crippling their home planet. This group of recklessness consists of the vengeful robot Doug, the existential anomaly Kashi, and the shape-changing reptile Mori. In pursuit of the Miscreants is none other than a small team from their home planet’s Officium sent with orders to preferably capture the three alive, although bodies in pieces is also satisfactory.

Act 2:

A small group of kind-hearted individuals make up the dimension-hopping Genus. The child genius Clare Karen travels with her friends Icadaed, Harmonee Sarah, Aestheticia Scott, and Freddie Klihp to track down the Miscreants. These friends are a family and wish to quell the raging inferno that guides the Miscreants. How long until they realize that an adventure full of science and peace is madness of the same difference?

Act 3:

Miscreants finally reach Gaia and a fight commences. During the fight, Officium arrives and joins the fray in an attempt to take the advantage of the battle-worn Miscreants. Gaia and Officium both ignore each other’s presence, while the Miscreants alternate individually between fighting Gaia and Officium. This is the penultimate battle, this is where the finale begins.

Act 4:

Genus is able to successully come through to where the Miscreants are still at, but no one expected they would reach a battleground. The Miscreants are doing their best to hold back the four Officium members and to destroy the incredible Gaia, but how long could they have continued alone? This is the finale all have been waiting for, Gaia against the existential anomalies Kashi and Icadaed, Clare with Doug and Mori versus Officium. All the songs have collided, how will this finale end?

Associated Characters:

  • Doug
  • Mori
  • Kashi
  • Gaia
  • Clare Karen
  • Icadaed
  • Harmonee Sarah
  • Aestheticia Scott
  • Freddie Klihp
  • The Chamber Bunch
  • Paisley Hades