Officium (organization structure)

Officium is a clandestine organization dedicated to the preservation and strengthening of humanity, ensuring that anything breaching the limits of peak human or animal abilities is either regulated under supervision or neutralized with extreme prejudice.

Four divisions make up Officium:


The support, research, and sciences division; responsible for transferring and gaining intel for and through the organization; provides scientific and technological advancement for and through the organization; physically modifies select Offers to become Offshoots.


The elite guard division; responsible for extreme measures towards protecting Officium resources and investments, as well as the removal of high-level threats; physically modified to be more capable by the Offbeats division, earning the privilege is only available to the Offers division.


The security division; responsible for providing security and basic muscle support for Officium operations; select members can earn the privilege of being allowed into the Offshoots division.


The financial division; responsible for the financial current of Officium business; from the streets to the skyscrapers, the members generate revenue and balance finances for Officium.