Knights of Purity (K.o.P.) (organization structure)

The Knights of Purity, also known as K.o.P., are also internally known as the “Servants of Purity”. A white supremacist group that rivals Officium in size, power, and influence. The males are regarded as knights, while the females are regarded as dames.

Five ranks and three orders are held within the organization:


  1. Grand Cross Knight – HIGH ORDER
  2. Grand Commander Knight – HIGH ORDER
  3. Companion Knight – CENTRAL ORDER
  4. First Class Knight – LOWER ORDER
  5. Chevalier Knight – LOWER ORDER


  1. Dismal Dame – HIGH ORDER
  2. Stormy Dame – HIGH ORDER
  3. Blooming Dame – CENTRAL ORDER
  4. Painful Dame – LOWER ORDER
  5. Fading Dame – LOWER ORDER

Each rank of Knighthood/Damehood is related to particular events within the bible  and has a special color designated to it:

  1. White – Creation, Genesis 1
  2. Green – Abraham Tested, Genesis 22
  3. Amber – The Ten Plagues, Exodus 7
  4. Crimson – The Completion of the New Temple, Ezra 6
  5. Blue – The Triumphant Entry, Matthew 26

Each order is designated its own physical accessory colored with its rank color, in addition to the K.o.P. badge, to even further signify the member’s place within the organization:

High Order:

  • sash tied around neck
  • branded star on back of right hand

Central Order:

  • ribbon tied around right bicep

Lower Order:

  • badge pinned on right side of collar

All Dames, regardless of rank or order, wear the K.o.P. badge with an appropriately colored bow pinned on the left side of their chest.

The badge of K.o.P. is all gold and has a downward pointing sword with a clenched fist upon the hilt, all of which is surrounded by a thick circle with “wavy” sun rays protruding outwards.