I like to write and I don't follow a particular path. I write off beats, off words, off moods, off experiences. That's where the name comes from; I allow my mind to soar beyond, creating anything.

Vignette Day

name: Vignette Day physical appearance: African American, 5’9″, thin physique, vitiligo afflicted modeled after Amy Deanna black short hair, fade with designs on side hazel eyes that change to light green when upset white colored fingernails fashion appearance: black short top hat white cutaway collar dress shirt black suit vest black slim fit dress pants […]


Terrence Day

name: Terrence Day physical appearance: African American, 5’9″, stocky physique, dark brown physique black hair braided to shoulder length, shaved sides with designs black trimmed mustache, black beard in two braids dark brown eyes black colored fingernails fashion appearance: white newsboy cap black band collar dress shirt white suspenders black slim dress pants black wingtip […]


Karina Sabrià

name: Karina Sabrià physical appearance: black and Puerto Rican 5’6″, heavy set, light brown complexion teal high volume, curly hair, covers upper portion of face light freckles across middle of face brown eyes fashion appearance: white long-sleeved shirt with hood light blue plaid skinny jeans tropical indigo and white low-top basketball sneakers tropical indigo jean […]