Uncle Manic

I like to write and I don't follow a particular path. I write off beats, off words, off moods, off experiences. That's where the name comes from; I allow my mind to soar beyond, creating anything.


A group of individuals inspired by the emergence of the villainous group, DEATH. More gang than villains, their motivation is pain and trauma; harming and torturing others bring them satisfaction. Erratic and chaotic, they just want to hear the world scream. name: Maddy, government name is Madeline Black – female physical appearance: Caucasian, 5’4″ thin, […]


La Tribu de Piedra

A Mythic tribe led by the tribe king El Dorado, “The Golden”, and protected by its warriors; El Canteros, “The Stonemasons”. This group migrates from secluded location to secluded location, ensuring to keep a wide berth from humanity and other Mythics. name: El Dorado, “The Golden” physical appearance: 8’3″ very defined muscle tone pure gold, […]


Higher Echelon

A small group of highly successful individuals who have become great friends. name: Ms. Suzanne Paisley – female physical appearance: Russian, 5’3″ late 60s facial appearance various short hairstyles; pink highlights, purple and red base gray eyes fashion appearance: refuses to wear sunglasses favorite color is black has an eccentric taste in clothing styles, designs, […]