John James Ford (Journey to Knowledge and the Unbelievable)


  • John James Ford

physical appearance:

  • African-American, very dark skin tone
  • 30s age facial appearance
  • 5’11”, well-defined muscle tone, thin physique
  • rigid facial structure
  • bald, no facial hair
  • hazel eyes

fashion appearance:

  • wears the key to his first car, a white 1987 Honda CRX Si, around his neck on a brown leather necklace
  • aviators with a silver frame and orange lens
  • red neckband headphones
  • pink dress shirt with rolled up sleeves
  • turquoise slim tie
  • creased navy blue dress pants
  • brown dress belt
  • brown dress shoes
  • pink and turquoise dress socks
  • brown Pratt and Hart style traditional driving gloves
  • silver analog watch with chronograph features and brown leather band
  • carries an SOG SEAL Pup Elite combat knife on his person at all times in a sheath attached horizontally on his belt on the back of his waist

personality and behavior:

  • uncomfortably quiet, speaks only when necessary
  • trustworthy, protective, loyal
  • confident and always relaxed, rarely tense and cal under pressure
  • daring and reckless, yet dependable
  • intense and suspicious presence


  • expert navigator and tracker, pilot and driver
  • expert marksman and expert at close-quarters-combat
  • expert mechanic, able to hot-wire and repair any vehicle
  • able to pick any lock


  • deep military background, secret and confidential
  • was hired by D’amaña Avila Anglo through recommendation by Lucy Rochelle Ruthe
  • is the navigator of D’amaña’s group, responsible for piloting and driving the group into the correct direction
  • is well-known by those in the highest and lowest of legal and illegal positions; is well-respected and feared

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