Lucy Rochelle Ruthe (Journey to Knowledge and the Unbelievable)


  • Lucy Rochelle Ruthe, also known as “Ruthless” – female

physical appearance:

  • African-American and Irish, 5″8′
  • 20s age facial appearance
  • pale light brown complexion
  • well-defined muscle tone, wide body frame
  • heavily freckled face, upper chest, upper arms
  • light (pale) blue eyes
  • large and puffy reddish brown hair, in a ponytail bun

fashion appearance:

  • black t-shirt with light green “YES” on chest
  • navy blue stonewashed style jeans with rips
  • black athletic shoes with orange laces and tan gum soles
  • purple hand wraps with loose ends
  • letterman jacket with white sleeves; orange body, wrists, collar, waist; white pockets; “42” on left chest in green with white outline with vintage letter style, “Ruthless” on upper back in green with white outline with script letter style, green boxing gloves image under “Ruthless” on center of back

behavior and personality:

  • nickname is “Ruthless”; catchphrase is “LURRR!”, her spin on “YERRR!”
  • longtime best friend, bodyguard, and fitness trainer of D’amaña Avila Anglos; calls her “D’avi”
  • was born in Desoto, Texas and raised there and Brooklyn, New York
  • a big fan of D’amaña Avila Anglos and her works; can be overprotective of her
  • can be highly intimidating, mocks her enemies, has an overwhelming presence
  • confident and proud; has nicknamed her fists “Songbirds”
  • strong sense of humor; funny in a corny way
  • fighting style consists of sharp, high impact punches and stomping; weaves through attacks and delivering immediate counter punches while mocking her enemies


  • extraordinary hand-to-hand fighter
  • above normal hand-eye coordination and reflexes


  • old high school classmate of D’amaña Avila Anglo
  • part of D’amaña’s traveling entourage, is regarded as the muscle
  • won a New York Golden Gloves tournament before retiring from boxing to support D’amaña in her travels and work

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