• Vicente Garcia-Flores, also known as “Nine” – male

physical appearance:

  • Hispanic, 5’7″
  • mid-teens facial appearance
  • russet brown complexion
  • well-defined muscle tone, wide body frame
  • dark brown eyes
  • long and full dark brown hair

fashion and appearance:

  • long scallop t-shirts
  • distressed and ripped straight-leg jeans
  • high-top basketball sneakers
  • trucker jacket for cool and cold weather

personalities and abilities and behaviors:

  • Vicente – ISFP personality type; pheromone manipulation
  • Lautaro – INTJ personality type; accelerated bone growth and density to used as full-body armor and weaponry
  • Cristóbal – ISFJ  personality type; able to produce concussive blasts and orbs of concussive energy
  • Facundo – ISTJ personality type; able to engulf entire body or sections on fire at will
  • Manuel – ENTP personality type; able to increase size and density, along with strength
  • Thiago – ISTP personality type; limited telekinetic manipulation, dependent upon the strength of the target
  • Juan Jose – ENTJ personality type; able to ause temporary insanity through prolonged close-range eye contact
  • Tomas – ESTP personality type; able to absorb kinetic energy and redirect it through physical contact
  • Santiago – INFJ personality type; able to transmute body into water, able to manipulate from liquid to ice


diagnosed with schizophrenia at an early age, Vicente Garcia-Flores was plagued by nine voices in his mind. It wasn’t until he committed suicide that the full truth of their existence revealed itself, each of the nine voices within himself are personalities that come to the surface and inhabit his body as primary personality nine seconds after each time he dies.


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