Turmoil & Terminal

Utilizing various non-lethal weaponry, this romantic duo robs financial institutions and more across the world for fun while using the stolen funds to finance their B.O.O.M. clothing brand that they provide to the public for free.

Terminal: “How’s my sweet dynamite?”

Turmoil: “Ya light my fuse, baby! Yes, ya do!”


  • Turmoil, government name is Robert Land – male

physical appearance:

  • African-American, 5’8″, dark skin tone
  • mesomorph body type, well-defined muscle tone
  • black hair, short fade with four lines on left side; no facial hair
  • brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • gray newsboy cap
  • white tucked t-shirt
  • gray suspenders
  • gray letterman’s jacket with white accents
  • gray fitted jeans, cuffed high
  • gray leather belt with silver personal logo buckle
  • white socks
  • white hightop canvas shoes


  • Terminal, government name is Rebecca Cope – female

physical appearance:

  • Caucasian, British, 5’2″
  • lollipop body shape, well-defined muscle tone
  • brown hair, pageboy hairstyle
  • left eye is pale blue, right eye is gray

fashion appearance:

  • red lipstick
  • pink nail polish with baby blue tips
  • gray pill box hat tilted at an angle with a gray veil
  • white pearl necklace
  • white button-down blouse
  • white wrist-length cotton gloves
  • gray full-circle skirt with a white elastic cinch belt
  • gray and white saddle shoes

B.O.O.M. (Brought Our Own Merch)

Terminal, Rebecca Cope, and Turmoil, Robert Land, use the funds from their robberies to finance their equal parts urban and 1950s vintage clothing line and various pop-up shops.

Despite their criminal career, government and local authorities are unable to legally prohibit the public from wearing the ever-popular and free B.O.O.M. brand.

merely wanting the cash and valuables, Turmoil and Terminal utilize non-lethal weaponry from ammunition to explosives to complete their criminal desires

  • “flashbang” (stun) grenades
  • “sting” grenades
  • riot guns
  • caltrops
  • electroshock weapons
  • smoke grenades
  • tear-gas grenades
  • rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, ring airfoil projectiles, Wireless eXtended Range Electronic Projectiles, etc.

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