“What…What IS he?”


  • Space, unknown “original” or birth name – male

physical appearance:

  • 5’11”, African-American features
  • age appearance early 20s
  • dark brown skin tone, thin and athletic build
  • gray dreads, neck-length
  • short mustache and chin hair
  • two fully black eyes, kaleidoscopic pupils
  • teeth – top row gold, bottom row stark white
  • silver tongue
  • black nails
  • neck – two rows of perforated marks, parallel to each other
  • chest – number 42 mark on left pectoral muscle
  • back – number 8 mark covering entirety

fashion appearance:

  • left ear – small gold hoop earring on helix, orbital, and standard lobe
  • right ear – red ruby gold stud earring on standard lobe
  • short gold necklace
  • never wears a shirt
  • baby blue cargo shorts with drawstrings
  • purple low-top canvas shoes with white soles and white shoelaces

personality and behavior:

  • typically smiling ear to ear, showing both rows of teeth
  • finds existence and life and death amusing, often chuckles
  • presence feels limitless and void at the same time, also overwhelming and lacking
  • serious, yet often serious
  • enjoys to confuse and baffle others and being theoretical


  • unknown


  • unknown

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