Bones: a more calm and mature gang that focuses on strategy and intimidation before allowing physical violence name: Terri Day physical appearance: African American, 5’9″, stocky physique, dark brown skin tone facially modeled after Tessa Thompson black hair braided to shoulder length, shaved sides with designs dark brown eyes fashion appearance: dark green eyeshadow dark […]


Karina SabriĆ 

name: Karina SabriĆ  physical appearance: black and Puerto Rican 5’6″, heavy set, light brown complexion teal high volume, curly hair, covers upper portion of face light freckles across middle of face brown eyes fashion appearance: white long-sleeved shirt with hood light blue plaid skinny jeans tropical indigo and white low-top basketball sneakers tropical indigo jean […]


Da Lao

name: Da Lao – male physical appearance: Chinese Cantonese, older teenager facial appearance 5’5″, lean physique, light and tight muscle definition, small chest rib-length reddish brown hair, extra full in volume and wild in appearance, no facial hair dark brown eyes fashion appearance: wears lotus flower head wreath olive green sheer crop top brown yoga […]