“He is not invertible, redeemable, or whatever the hell else you want to call it. He’s an unapologetic cannibalistic psychopath and monster who revels in carnage.” – Molly Wing, the vigilante known as Full Stop


  • Daddy, government name is James Nelson – male

physical appearance:

  • Caucasian, mid-twenties facial appearance
  • 6’6″, wide and thick body frame, well-defined muscle tone
  • blond shoulder length hair, mustache, and long goatee
  • elongated canines and claw-like fingernails
  • amber eye color

fashion appearance:

  • wears a cassock and a clerical collar
  • wears sharp metal claws that extend from the proximal interphalangeal joints on the right hand
  • well-manicured and well-groomed
  • walks barefoot

personality and behavior:

  • typically keeps right hand held behind back
  • sadistic, psychopath
  • cannibal
  • crude, deceptive
  • arch-nemesis of Full Stop

abilities and skills:

  • enhanced senses, healing, agility and reflexes
  • hunting and tracking expert
  • multi-lingual
  • master hand-to-hand combatant


  • international assassin, serial killer, mercenary, extortionist

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