Da Lao


  • Da Lao – male

physical appearance:

  • Chinese Cantonese, older teenager facial appearance
  • 5’5″, lean physique, light and tight muscle definition, small chest
  • rib-length reddish brown hair, extra full in volume and wild in appearance, no facial hair
  • dark brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • wears lotus flower head wreath
  • olive green sheer crop top
  • brown yoga harem pants with olive green accents and red strings
  • olive green “kung fu slippers”
  • black eye liner, eye shadow, and lipstick in various styles
  • black painted fingernails
  • brown scabbard with iron Chinese Cantonese symbols of tiger, horse, and dog; carried in hand, houses a black metal sword with olive green grip and yellow lanyard, jade blade collar, black pommel
  • brown gourd that hangs from waist, filled with liquor

personality and behavior:

  • jovial and entertaining
  • generous, helpful, protective, kind
  • typically whistling and singing
  • an ambivert personality
  • teasing to enemies, mocking even
  • typically drinking liquor out of his gourd
  • low base in voice
  • body movements sway like leaves in the wind, like water around pebbles

abilities and skills:

  • cursed with immortality
  • master of the drunken boxing martial arts
  • master of pucker whistling and singing
  • master martial artist, marksman, gymnast, acrobat
  • master hand-to-hand combatant, weapons master
  • superhuman physical conditioning, nervous system control, heightened awareness
  • enhanced senses, speed, reflexes durability, healing


  • n/a

history and misc. info:

  • although a master of various martial arts and combat styles, maintains a preferred focus upon utilizing drunken boxing styles when fighting
  • fights in an unorthodox and unpredictable fashion
  • uses sword in combat as utmost last resort and only when needed to kill
  • exiled from homeland and family, cursed with immortality and an aura of untrustworthiness
  • often mistaken for a woman
  • his activity throughout history has brought about the myth/legend of The Eight Immortals

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