Gummi Babe


  • Monday Elizabeth

physical appearance:

  • British, early 20s
  • 5-7″, “thick” body shape, dark brown complexion
  • short hair dyed copper red
  • hazel eyes

fashion appearance:

  • white bikini top and bottom
  • white windbreaker with “LIFEGUARD” in bold red lettering on upper back and bold red cross on middle of back
  • lightweight slip-on sports sneakers, red with white accents
  • gold necklace with gold whistle
  • gold medical ID bracelet on right wrist
  • gold smartwatch on left wrist
  • gold anklet on right ankle
  • aqua blue colored nails


  • best friend of Onique Stovall aka Sweat Kat
  • active in fitness, loves swimming
  • music junkie
  • charismatic and vibrant
  • loves to travel, prefers hot locations
  • loves to feel free and unencumbered


  • social media personality, aspiring bbw model

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