• Full-Stop

physical appearance:

  • slender body frame, 5’10”
  • small bust

fashion appearance:

  • black head covering
  • tight black long sleeve shirt
  • black lightweight body armor vest
  • black hard knuckle gloves
  • black elbow and knee pads
  • black and red combat pants, tucked into black combat boots
  • red quotation marks over right ear
  • iron quotation over face
  • asterisk quotation on palm of each hand

personality and behavior:

  • threatening, sadistic
  • humorous
  • taunting
  • fearless


  • master martial artist
  • expert marksman
  • demolitions expert
  • expert tactician and strategist
  • master acrobat
  • multi-lingual
  • expert vehicular driver
  • indomitable will


  • vigilante
  • freelance mercenary

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