Sweat Kat


  • Onique Stovall

physical appearance:

  • African-American, early 20s
  • 4’7″, athletic and thin physique, well-defined muscle tone, “chiseled”, dark brown complexion
  • dark purple curly earlobe-length hair
  • dark brown eyes, large dimples

fashion appearance:

  • wears baby blue cat ears and fox tails of various colors and lengths
  • pink sports sunglasses with blue lenses, thick green “X” on each lens
  • wears sports bras, fitness leggings, running sneakers
  • wears over-sized zip-up hoodies and windbreakers when there’s a breeze
  • neon-colored fingernails, various colors

personality and behavior:

  • best friend of Monday Elizabeth aka Gummi Babe
  • active in fitness, freerunning, cosplay
  • music junkie, avid video gamer
  • charismatic and vibrant, loves bright colors
  • loves Twizzlers, Mike & Ike’s, broccoli, french fries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon


  • social media personality, video streamer

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