old school


Bones: a more calm and mature gang that focuses on strategy and intimidation before allowing physical violence name: Terri Day physical appearance: African American, 5’9″, stocky physique, dark brown skin tone facially modeled after Tessa Thompson black hair braided to shoulder length, shaved sides with designs dark brown eyes fashion appearance: dark green eyeshadow dark […]


Swamp Tigers/Panther Pelicans

With a strong interest in martial arts films and hip hop, nine hip hop artists join together to form a group from the south. All they wish to do is stay the most lyrical, the most deadly, the most wild… name: Moss Maniac, government name is Jere Judson Sessums – male physical appearance: African-American, dark […]


Irrelevant Suspects

a set of musically aggressive twins have decided to devote themselves to their music, regardless of society’s critiques Their vibe is often described as natural mayhem; punk rock, garage rock, indie rock, punk blues, stoner rock, alternative rock. name; Delilah Graham, also known as “Darling Delilah” – female physical appearance: Caucasian, British, late 20s facial […]