• a more calm and mature gang that focuses on strategy and intimidation before allowing physical violence


  • Terri Day

physical appearance:

  • African American, 5’9″, stocky physique, dark brown skin tone
  • facially modeled after Tessa Thompson
  • black hair braided to shoulder length, shaved sides with designs
  • dark brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • dark green eyeshadow
  • dark purple eyeliner
  • black lipstick
  • black fingernail polish
  • white newsboy cap
  • black band collar dress shirt
  • white suspenders
  • black slim dress pants
  • black wingtip brogue dress boots
  • white glove on right hand

personality and behavior:

  • younger sister of Vignette Day, overly protective of her
  • leader of the Bones gang
  • sarcastic and serious


  • Vignette Day

physical appearance:

  • African American, 5’9″, thin physique, vitiligo afflicted
  • facially modeled after Amy Deanna
  • black short hair, fade with designs on side
  • hazel eyes that change to light green when upset

fashion appearance:

  • dark purple eyeshadow
  • dark green eyeliner
  • black lipstick
  • white fingernail polish
  • black short top hat
  • white cutaway collar dress shirt
  • black suit vest
  • black slim fit dress pants
  • white cuban heel dress shoes
  • white glove on left hand

personality and behavior:

  • older sister of Terri Day
  • second-in-command of the Bones gang
  • serious demeanor, rarely laughs or smiles

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