Karina Sabrià


  • Karina Sabrià

physical appearance:

  • black and Puerto Rican
  • 5’6″, heavy set, light brown complexion
  • teal high volume, curly hair, covers upper portion of face
  • light freckles across middle of face
  • brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • white long-sleeved shirt with hood
  • light blue plaid skinny jeans
  • tropical indigo and white low-top basketball sneakers
  • tropical indigo jean vest with six shades of indigo lipstick kisses on back with “Indigo Kisses” above them
  • rose gold septum piercing
  • rose gold dahlia bites piercing
  • electric indigo lipstick
  • electric indigo nail polish


  • flippant, violent, threatening
  • hands-on
  • likes to palm the face of individuals, rather than striking


  • member of the Indigo Kisses gang

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