MudFace (off/DEATH)


  • MudFace (real name unknown) – male

physical appearance:

  • 5’7″, lean figure, African-American features
  • face and hands covered and dripping in mud
  • short 1920’s hairstyle for black men
  • stark white teeth with blood on them
  • red eyeball, black pupil, gold iris

fashion appearance:

  • 1920’s style suit with vest, no jacket
  • bowler/derby hat
  • all clothing is mud stained
  • silver pocket watch in vest pocket

personality and behavior:

  • eats people alive for enjoyment and taste
  • enjoys the sound of his victims’ screams
  • sadistic, toys with his victims
  • often smirks, fully enjoys himself and his actions
  • often tries to speak, with a smile


  • can transport self via bubbling pools of mud that he can produce at will onto any surface


The Urban Legend of MudFace

When alive, MudFace was a young black man growing up in the early 1920’s city of Chicago, Illinois. Becoming a serial killer, the young man began killing neighborhood pets before moving his urges to children. Eventually, his joy in killing the children was transcended by the lack of an adequate challenge and he therefore redirected his insatiable murderous appetite towards the adults of the city.

One night, one of his larger in size victims escaped and was able to make his way to some people who notified the cops before dying from wounds inflicted. The cops located and pursued MudFace, but it’s said that they lost sight of him in some muddy fields that foggy night.

It’s said the police were so embarrassed that a colored boy could make such a fool of them that they covered it up completely and that the black community was so ashamed that one of their own could commit such horrific acts that no one would ever speak of him or his crimes.

He was publicly forgotten except in hushed whispers and one cruel racially derogative nursery rhyme:

“MudFace, MudFace

Don’t show me your black face

MudFace, MudFace

You’re not welcome in my place

MudFace, MudFace

Disappear without a trace”

It’s said that he is so vile and sadistic that he himself was ejected and barred from Hell, crawling from an empty, desolate realm every random number of years dripping in mud and with blood choking his dead throat to take more victims; the last thing you feel is his wet, mud covered hands and the last thing you see is his mud soaked dripping, grinning face.

team/group affiliations:


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