Vasilisa Zhang (off/DEATH)


“Father wanted strength, Mother desired intelligence. I gave them both, and I am beautiful for me.”


  • Vasilisa Zhang – female

physical appearance:

  • 6’3″, thick body shape with strong muscle tone
  • Russian Chinese, strong Chinese features
  • facial features a mixture of Milla Jovovich and Li Bingbing
  • chest-length light brown hair
  • sharp blue eyes

fashion appearance:

  • circle sunglasses, two gold hoop earrings in left ear, choker
  • red lipstick
  • cami top, jogger pants, low-top athletic sneakers
  • clothing is of various styles and colors, only wears the top brands and best quality

personality and behavior:

  • thick Russian accent
  • heterosexual with no interest in romantic or sexual relationships
  • authoritative, confident, good-natured
  • family-oriented and loyal


  • genius intelligence and intellect
  • peak human physical condition
  • indomitable spirit, will, and drive


  • born in Russia
  • older sister of Sadko Zhang
  • mother is Chinese-born Baozhai Zhang, father is Russian-born Ilya Zhang
  • excelled in sports, both recreational and competitively, and education
  • participated in rugby and gymnastics in school; basketball and hockey in the community; weightlifting alone; handball with her father; swimming with her mother
  • Master’s degree in multiple subjects: Social Applied Psychology, M. Sc.; Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Masters; Sports Science-Performance Optimisation with a Focus on Elite Sport
  • father, Ilya Zhang, found inspiration for her name from Russian folklore characters Vasilisa the Beautiful and Vasilisa the Wise

team/group affiliation:

  • Officium

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