Sadko Zhang (off/DEATH)

amur comname:

  • Sadko “Amur” Zhang – male

physical appearance:

  • 5’2″, large and heavy muscular shape
  • Russian Chinese, strong Russian features
  • mix of facial features of Anton Yelchin and Jon Komp Shin
  • light brown short cut hair
  • light brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • aviator sunglasses, yellow diamond earring studs in each earlobe, one heavy gold rope style necklace, one gold bracelet on each wrist
  • polos and slacks, dress shoes
  • clothing is always black, only wears the top brands and best quality

personality and behavior:

  • homosexual and sexually promiscuous
  • loyal, “ferocious”
  • flashy, overcompensates, proves himself often
  • smokes various strains of marijuana in large glass blunts, drinks moderately
  • weight lifts heavily
  • distant with family, yet keeps in contact
  • favors motorcycles
  • constantly makes sexual advances towards Obelus Richards


  • polymath, expert in mathematics
  • peak human physical condition
  • polyglot, fluent in various languages
  • expert in hand-to-hand combat and close-quarters-combat


  • born in Russia
  • younger brother of Vasilisa Zhang
  • mother is Chinese-born Baozhai, father is Russian-born Ilya Zhang
  • experienced low self-esteem during his childhood
  • wasn’t openly bullied due to others’ fear of his older sister, but still was quietly teased
  • dropped out of high school during sophomore year to the disappointment of his parents and sister
  • became a freelance security enforcer for the criminal underworld, even using his connections and known trustworthiness to work as a neutral courier and middleman between criminals
  • nicknamed “Amur”, because of his choice in black clothing and gold jewelry and his ferocious behavior being akin to Russia’s own Amur tiger
  • finds Obelus Richards very attractive

team/group affiliation:

  • Officium

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