Freddie Klihp (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Freddie Klihp – male

physical appearance:

  • Irish facial features
  • 5’10”, really light muscle tone
  • short wild hair, balbo beard style facial hair; reddish brown hair
  • gray/blue eyes, thick eyebrows

fashion appearance:

  • gold wedding band on short black chain around neck
  • plaid long sleeve and short sleeve button-up shirts
  • leather band watches
  • boot-cut jeans, distressed style
  • brown leather boots
  • aqua green acoustic guitar always nearby

personality and behavior:

  • musician, plays the acoustic guitar; a gift from a past love
  • funny and always in a good mood, uplifting and good-natured
  • aims to raise the moods of those he loves
  • introverted, but rebellious to a degree
  • the “half-shy” entertainer


  • amazing acoustic guitarist


  • best friend of Harmonee and Aestheticia
  • older brother figure to Clare Karen
  • has a past love that he avoids speaking about

team/group affiliation:

  • Genus

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