Nesreća (off/DEATH)

“‌Humanity alone is responsible for this horror.”


  • Nesreća, also known as “The Coarse Anguish” and “The Ragged Sorrow”

Female form, “The Bleed”

physical appearance:

  • 6’4″, thin figure with no muscle tone
  • facial appearance modeled after Toni Collette
  • no eyes, just empty bleeding sockets
  • chest length blood-soaked blonde hair

fashion appearance:

  • wears an ankle length sheer pink nightgown
  • barefoot

behavior and personality:

  • always silent, doesn’t speak
  • enjoys the pain of others
  • stand proud and upright, head held high
  • presence feels as though she’s staring into you, as though her gaze pierces
  • always has her face turned towards “prey”, despite not having any eyes


  • unable to be killed
  • superhuman senses
  • feeds off of the pain of others
  • body continually bleeds from scalp, ears, eye sockets, nose, mouth, fingernails, vagina and butt, toenails

Male form, “The Broken”

physical appearance:

  • full height is 5’10”, crouched (standard form) is 4’5″
  • facial appearance modeled after Michael C. Hall
  • no eyelids, eyes have yellow whites and a ring around cornea
  • skin is taut and pale; loose and flabby in some sections; dry and sickly in appearance
  • blue veins seen throughout his entire body
  • bones are broken and bent throughout entire body

fashion appearance:

  • wears no clothing, shoes, etc.

behavior and personality:

  • moves in a staggered and jagged manner, while also limping
  • “stands” crouched, a broken and bent posture with crooked and broken limbs
  • his presence always feels as though he’s intently listening, his head always tilted and directed towards a sound
  • does not speak, only sound that can be heard from him is the breaking of his bones as he moves


  • unable to be killed
  • superhuman senses
  • feeds off of the fear of others


  • a Mythic
  • is the physical embodiment of the darkest parts of humanity’s thoughts
  • captured a pair of Bystanders, torturing and killing one; keeps the other as a sort of pet
  • the captured Bystander has patches of blood on it from where Nesreća’s female form touches it; its psyche has been broken by its separation form its pairing and prolonged close proximity to Nesreća; the only sound it makes is a whimper or shriek; eyes always moving in a darting fashion, always fully wide in terror

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