D’amaña Avila Anglos (Journey to Knowledge and the Unbelievable)


  • D’amaña Avila Anglos – female

physical appearance:

  • Puerto Rican, light skin tone
  • 5’3″, 20s age facial appearance, soft features
  • well-defined muscle tone
  • short brown curly hair, earlobe length
  • brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • green eyeliner in a winged style with blue eyeshadow
  • purple lipstick
  • red fingernail polish, blue toenail polish
  • earth tone tucked polo shirts
  • earth tone oversized cardigans
  • blue or gray capri jeans
  • high-end name brand low-top basketball sneakers
  • high-end name brand sandals
  • large round prescription eyeglasses with clear or two-tone frames
  • rainbow chokers with silver star clasp or silver infinite symbol clasp
  • smartwatch on left wrist with green band
  • carries a high-end name brand canvas and leather messenger bag that has within it everything she ever needs

behavior and personality:

  • always introduces herself with her full name
  • favorite snack is meat jerky, can be typically found eating it regardless of situation or location
  • is a sneakerhead and an avid reader and writer
  • prefers to be personal and hands-on
  • calls her grandmother “Abuela Glo”
  • stays in peak fitness in case she has to run, jump, or climb for a story
  • is persistent, curious, inquisitive, quirky, humble, unconventional
  • is confident, strong-willed, a trailblazer, a non-conformist
  • keeps her messenger bag with her or within her sight at all times
  • opts to challenge, refine, and impress herself for herself and her grandmother only


  • extraordinary writer, renowned as a prodigy


  • dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to devote herself to writing
  • inspired by grandmother, “Abuela Glo”, to let nothing and no one stand in her way and to question all answers
  • turned in an essay that won awards at 17 years old and since then has gone on to continue receiving awards and recognition for books and papers published under her “Rox Blue” publishing company
  • well-known for her writings on philosophy, but she also writes on the supernatural, current events worldwide, and history
  • currently, she has her interests on tracking down rumored beings called “Mythics” and travels all over the world in search of them
  • her favorite philosophers are Simone de Beauvoir and Hypatia of Alexandria
  • her favorite adventurers are Lady Hester Stanhope, Isabella Bird, and Freya Stark

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