Fiend (off/DEATH)


  • Fiend – male

physical appearance:

  • 5′ 11″, thin and athletic build, barefoot
  • all black skin, male, African American features
  • both eyes kaliedoscopic
  • black dreads braided in mohawk style, halfway down back in length
  • stark white teeth, gold canines, silver tongue

fashion appearance:

  • purple hoody with pink question mark on chest and pink pocket
  • olive green cargo shorts
  • one gold ring on each thumb, pinky, and pointer finger
  • gold anklet on left ankle
  • carries a gold harmonica with silver accents

personality and behavior:

  • sociopath and a little sadistic
  • enjoys a good fight, enjoys a good kill even more
  • talks a lot, tells a lot of stories, tells as many lies as he does truth
  • moves smooth like flowing water; weaving around, up and over effortlessly
  • does not eat or drink
  • loves to tell stories and lies, as much as he does the truth
  • curious and interested towards everyone and everything, finding people and circumstances amusing
  • enjoys the sound of violins, pianos, and harmonicas
  • fears nothing and no one


  • superhuman senses, speed, strength, endurance
  • bulletproof, fireproof
  • superhuman durability
  • peak human pain tolerance


  • “twin brother” of Bliss
  • no knowledge of age or origin
  • just about a funhouse mirror reflection of Bliss
  • finishes Bliss’s sentences and stories to an annoying degree

team/group affiliation:


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