Obelus Richards (off/DEATH)


  • Obelus Richards – male

physical appearance:

  • 5’10”, strong and defined muscle tone, rigid and wide shape
  • Caucasian facial features
  • no tattoos, no makeup
  • military Burr haircut, trimmed mustache, no beard; dirty blonde hair color
  • green eyes

fashion appearance:

  • tight, plain t-shirt
  • Dickies style work pants
  • military boots
  • wears beanies and baseball caps

personality and behavior:

  • smokes and drinks moderately
  • loyal, confident, quick thinking
  • natural leader, outspoken, focused, angry


  • expert marksman
  • expert at close-quarters-combat, hand-to-hand combat
  • peak human physical condition


  • older brother of Caesura Richards
  • enlisted in the military a year before the abduction of his younger sister
  • left for home once he received word that not only had his sister finally returned home, but that she also murdered both of their parents
  • because of his current mission, at the time, he was notified of both news once the mission was complete; due to the gravity of his hardship, he was granted an early discharge
  • during his time in the military, he came across ancient writings of an order called “Officium”

team/group affiliation:

  • Officium

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