Dawn (Officium)


  • Dawn – female

physical appearance:

  • 6’2″, Turkish
  • neither overly thin or fat, more of a “mesomorph” body type
  • short, gray hair styled and cut similar to Morena Baccarin in the 2009 television show “V”
  • hazel colored eyes
  • black tattoo outlining lower jaw and fists

fashion appearance:

  • dresses in loose and revealing clothing, bright colors
  • carries a straight razor with a gold blade and a dark cherry wood handle

personality and behavior:

  • experiences schizophrenia
  • only drinks alcohol, doesn’t eat or drink anything else; drinks excessively without ever getting “plastered”; drinks hard liquor like water, beer like soda/pop, wine like juice
  • politely greedy and selfish; will attempt to take larger portions of shared items
  • has no care for others’ personal space, behaves as though she’s invited everywhere; not entitled, however
  • lazy; prefers to sit down, lay down, lean on objects and people, even strangers
  • gets along best with children, prefers them over adults
  • refers to individuals by their most defining characteristics; e.g. by race, disability, age, etc.
  • has an innocent, non-threatening, smooth tone to her voice; laughs and giggles often
  • big fan of rap, hip hop
  • refuses to fight, prefers to leave it to her brothers; when she does fight, she uses as little energy and movement as possible
  • her presence attracts others to her; an uncontrollable, irresistible, subconscious pull


  • superhuman sense, speed, durability, healing, stamina, strength, intelligence and intellect


  • is the Famine horseman of the apocalypse, the black horse

team/group affiliation:

  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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