Duncan (Officium)


  • Duncan – male

physical appearance:

  • 5’10”, Hispanic
  • “sturdy” body type; solid, toned figure with a defined muscle tone
  • disheveled shoulder length black hair; various goatee styles; moderate amount of chest hair
  • right eye is scarred or “dead”, cloudy and gray; left  eye is violet
  • wide scar diagonally across forehead
  • white tattoo outlining spine

fashion appearance:

  • wrinkled clothing

personality and behavior:

  • experiences dissociative identity disorder; other personality becomes overly violent and can be sadistic, still goes by Duncan
  • generally relaxed in mood and stature; can appear bored or disinterested
  • prefers to avoid drama and violence, behaves as a neutral party in disagreements before violence ensues; when he does react, it’s sudden and unexpected
  • fights with cheap shots, uses anything he can get his hands on; refuses to fight with his fists, because – “It kinda hurts, ya know?”
  • reads comic books and manga
  • his presence randomly either makes others feel threatened or safe


  • superhuman senses, speed, durability, healing, stamina, strength, intelligence and intellect


  • is the Conquest, the Pestilence, horseman of the apocalypse; the Christ, the Antichrist; the white horse
  • only allows Dawn to cut his hair

team/group affiliation:

  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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