Johnny (Officium)


  • Johnny, goes by “Nny” by Dawn – male

physical appearance:

  • 6’0″, Caucasian
  • built solid and large, imposing and in the way, large muscle tone; built like bricks and cement
  • brown eyes; military undercut haircut, brown in color
  • red tattoos outlining the bones in arms and legs

fashion appearance:

  • wears tight-fitting sleeveless shirt, loose and secure pants

personality and behavior:

  • experiences bipolar disorder
  • is quick to anger, exhibits low patience
  • impulsive, inconsiderate, selfish; will take without asking or apologizing
  • presence makes others nervous, uncomfortable, intimidated, threatened; also inspires, motivates, encourages
  • reads textbooks for recreation; completes Sudoku and crosswords
  • fights with hands, typically open-handed


  • superhuman senses, speed, durability, healing stamina, strength, intelligence and intellect


  • is the War horseman of the apocalypse, the red horse
  • the most intelligent of the four siblings
  • only allows Dawn to cut his hair

team/group affiliation:

  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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