Mori (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Mori – female

physical appearance:

  • reptilian, has three forms it can change to at will
  • base form, leopard gecko – 10 inches in length
  • secondary form, king cobra – 18 feet in length
  • third form, winged dragon – 30 feet in length, 10 feet in height
  • same colors and design in each form – baby blue with bright green stripes from mouth to tail, bright orange eyes

fashion appearance:

  • wears no clothing

personality and behavior:

  • assertive and hyper


  • enhanced intelligence, healing, durability, strength
  • able to change between three reptilian forms
  • able to breathe fire
  • able to produce acidic saliva at will
  • tongue is able to cause paralysis
  • size and strength of fire breathing, acidic saliva, and tongue paralysis dependent on her current form


  • unknown origin or age
  • was captured by its world’s Officium and held in an Offbeats, the research and sciences division, facility
  • freed from Officium capture, along with Doug, by a a curious Kashi
  • has grown attached to Kashi and won’t leave her side

team/group affiliation:

  • Miscreants

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