Kashi (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Kashi – female

physical appearance:

  • 6’2″, thick build, well-defined muscle tone
  • Polynesian facial features, caramel complexion
  • upper-back in length purple hair; right side of head shaved
  • right eye is ruby red, left eye is jade green
  • burn scar across and down shoulders, upper back, and chest

fashion appearance:

  • black eye shadow, black lipstick, red polish on fingernails and toenails
  • loose and comfortable warm weather attire

personality and appearance:

  • very upbeat personality, always smiling, rarely angered or distressed
  • has an almost childlike curiosity and fascination towards everything
  • nether smokes or drinks
  • an avid, beautiful singer
  • self-entitled, believes herself to be the bigger picture
  • taunts, teases her enemies
  • does not complain, is always motivated
  • always runs directly towards danger
  • only retreats from a fight if she is bored with it, if she doesn’t see any enjoyment in it; escapes with a taunt and a smile, laughing
  • not a fan of the stealth approach, will stroll into danger without fear or hesitation
  • will drop or jump off and from any height with a smile
  • hits like a crashing wave, takes shots like a tank


  • superhuman senses, durability, healing, stamina, strength, speed, pain tolerance


  • classified as an “existential anomaly” by her world’s Officium
  • emerged from an igneous rock formation at Thrihnukagigur in Iceland during a tour being held
  • held at an Officium Offbeats, the research and sciences division, facility where she encountered and freed Doug and Mori during her escape
  • is a power transference by-product of Gaia V. Pandora and sibling of Icadaed

team/group affiliation:

  • Miscreants

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