Doug (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Doug, model DG-42 – genderless

physical appearance:

  • robot, 5’11”, purple and blue
  • has an LCD screen for its face, rectangular from forehead to lips area
  • has speakers in each shoulder and upper back
  • left hand, right arm, right leg, and left foot are blue
  • right hand, left arm, left leg, and right foot are purple
  • sides of head are purple, middle of head is blue
  • entire torso is a whirlpool swirl design of the colors blue and purple

fashion appearance:

  • does not wear any clothing

personality and behavior:

  • prefers to communicate via its LCD screen using various bright and fluorescent pink, yellow, and green colors
  • avid dancer, even during combat
  • prefers to always play music, despite the time, place, or circumstance
  • avoids fights until it can find appropriate fight music
  • large sense of humor, loves a good prank or joke
  • large interest in fiction including anything involving superheroes, science fiction, or fantasy; can get distracted during a fight by related items


  • plays music through its shoulder speakers
  • able to generate sonic blasts from its shoulder speakers
  • able to generate energy blasts form palms, electricity from fingertips
  • accelerated self-reperation
  • advanced intelligence and intellect
  • advanced technology interfacing and hacking
  • superhuman strength, speed, vision, hearing, touch, durability
  • photographic memory


  • created by child genius, Clare Karen
  • hails from the crippled world Aptus, in a multi-dimensional pursuit of the sole woman responsible, Gaia V. Pandora
  • was captured by another world’s Officium and restrained in an Offbeat’s, the Officium research and sciences division, facility
  • freed from Officium holding, along with Mori, by a destructive, escaping Kashi
  • due to the tampering of the Officium Offbeats, its dimensional navigation has been damaged and now reaches Gaia V. Pandora’s dimensional location at a delayed pace

team/group affiliation:

  • Miscreants

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