Gaia V. Pandora (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Gaia V. Pandora – female

physical appearance:

  • 5’7″, thin body shape, athletic and muscular body tone
  • Ethiopian facial features, browner complexion
  • large afro, thick and clumpy style, brown in color
  • sharp blue eyes, thick and full lips

fashion appearance:

  • multi-colored Coogi style sweater
  • tight blue jeans
  • calf high brown boots
  • one large, oversized gold hoop earring
  • one gold nose ring, captive bead ring style through septum
  • burgundy lipstick, pink nail polish and flat tips

personality and behavior:

  • does not smoke or drink
  • vegan
  • very confident, head always held high; proud
  • insatiable passion for power
  • an artist, she paints
  • meditates often, levitates while doing so often upside down
  • self-educated, self-made
  • fears no one, none but Shi
  • enjoys, welcomes, a worthy challenge


  • superhuman intelligence and intellect, strength, speed, stamina, healing, durability
  • flight
  • superhuman awareness – the ability to perceive and interact with entities beyond the sense of humans


  • human who trained her mind, body, and soul to attain the power and knowledge equal to the gods
  • accidentally transported herself to the Earth of another dimension, the one that DG-42 existed on; she soon assaulted the planet’s inhabitants to absorb the planet’s energies and gain enough power to leave; she held no hesitation nor regret in her destruction; the event became known as the “Afro Incursion”, due to her large afro being a prominent physical feature of her form
  • she travels from world to world and dimension to dimension assaulting various civilizations, gaining greater knowledge and power through each conquest; she is aware of the pursuing DG-42
  • she is aware of Shí and is sometimes allowed to grace its presence with conversation; she intrigues Shí

team/group affiliation:

  • n/a

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