“No Name” (Officium)


  • has no actual name, “named” “No Name” by Dawn – male

physical appearance:

  • 6’3″, African-American, darker complexion
  • thin build, minimal muscle build
  • rib length dreadlocks, black in color
  • both eyes all black; left eye has blue, flickering flame; right has light gray ring

fashion appearance:

  • black dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to elbow
  • black vest, black dress pants, dark blue tie
  • white canvas high top shoes
  • black metal pocket watch with gold chain and gold interior; silver hands, numbers, lines; sits in vest pocket
  • dark cherry wood cane with horseshoe imprinted flat top; gold ring at top of cane, silver ring at bottom

personality and behavior:

  • experiences depression, often feels as though he has no place
  • insanely, annoyingly patient
  • typically seen eating something
  • has a tendency to smile in a wide, “ear-to-ear” manner
  • gives off no presence; others aren’t aware of him until he is in their direct line of sight or he physically touches them


  • superhuman senses, speed, durability, healing stamina, strength, intelligence and intellect


  • is the Death horseman of the apocalypse, the “pale” horse
  • had a straight razor with a gold blade and dark cherry wood handle that he gave to his sister, Dawn

team/group affiliation:

  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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