Icadaed (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Icadaed – male

physical appearance:

  • ancient Greek facial features, Greek olive skin tone
  • very dark brown hair, short length and thick volume
  • very dark brown facial hair, curly and thick volume beard and mustache
  • large supraorbital ridge
  • both eyes golden yellow
  • 5’10”, tight muscular build, broad sholders, thick shape
  • large hands

fashion appearance:

  • prefers no shirt, wears open foot sandals and short shorts

personality and behavior:

  • speaks quiet and little
  • natural expert with tools
  • an artist; builds, sculpts, repairs
  • walks with a limp
  • very kind and helpful


  • superhuman senses, durability, healing, stamina, strength, speed, pain tolerance, intelligence and intellect
  • able to secrete lava from his pores
  • able to withstand any damage from fire or lava or extreme heat
  • able to withstand extreme cold temperatures due to body’s generation of high body heat
  • body generates twice the amount of heat as a human, is able to increase body at will, enough to melt another’s skin


  • emerged from an igneous rock formation at Thrihnukagigur in Iceland
  • found by Clare Karen and cared for by her and her family
  • is a power transference by-product of Gaia V. Pandora and sibling of Kashi

team/group affiliation:

  • Genus

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