Clare Karen (Kaleiding Melodies)


  • Clare Karen – female

physical appearance:

  • middle childhood stage in appearance
  • Italian, olive skin tone
  • brown hair, straight and shoulder length
  • brown eyes

fashion appearance:

  • carries microscopic spectacles
  • carries a small sling bag full of tools for scientific and medicinal purposes
  • dresses in clothing functional for science and  medicinal activities
  • overall style is “function over fashion”

personality and behavior:

  • loves all things involving science and medicine
  • tends to speak in long words and sentences with plenty of medical and scientific terminology
  • always can be found tinkering
  • goofy and giggles often


  • above-level genius intelligence and intellect, able to process information at an accelerated rate regardless of tension


  • created the advanced robot Doug, model DG-42, at the age of 3 years old and in secret knowing others would be fearful
  • named her created advanced robot Doug in appreciation to her favorite cartoon character
  • an orphan who was left in the care of family friends Harmonee Sarah and Aestheticia Scott at 1 year old
  • incapacitated by Gaia’s assault of planet Aptus during the Afro Incursion at the age of 5 years old and fell into a coma
  • awoken from coma at the age of 6 1/2 years old
  • solved the ability of dimensional travel and created “dim-hop” tech and transport by the age of 8 years old

team/group affiliation:

  • Genus

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