Caine Jaisen

“The best place to hide is in plain sight”

– Edgar Allen Poe, “The Purloined Letter”


  • Caine Jaisen, criminal alias is “Able” – male

physical appearance:

  • Caucasian, late 30s facial appearance
  • 5’7″, light muscle tone
  • brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, medium length
  • brown facial hair stubble
  • blue eyes

fashion appearance:

  • outfit A:
  • slim and fitted olive green suit
  • dark orange dress shirt
  • navy blue tie with an eldredge knot
  • crimson red handkerchief
  • brown full brogue dress shoes; crimson red laces on right shoe, navy blue laces on left shoe
  • dark orange dress socks
  • dress watch with brown leather band on right wrist
  • one rope bracelet on left wrist
  • outfit B:
  • long-sleeve plaid button-up shirts
  • khaki pants
  • boat shoes
  • wood frame sunglasses
  • one rope bracelet on left bracelet
  • field watch with brown canvas band on right wrist


  • profession A:
  • founder of Constant Authentic Information, C.A.I., a 24-hr premium news-based cable and satellite television channel and paper and internet news source. C.A.I. is praised as a news source that’s highly dependable for its accuracy.
  • “This is C.A.I., The Most Accurate News in the World.”
  • profession B:
  • world’s largest drug distributor, with a specilization in “Pink Dreams” a modified cocaine that’s colored pink due to a mixture created by him.
  • he controls his drug empire under the alias “Able”

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