Infinite Eternal (1…Main Information)

“I Am That Is”


  • Infinite Eternal – no main or “original” gender, alternates between various ages of male and female forms

physical appearance:

  • pitch black skin
  • dark blue and dark purple hair
  • right eye is all bright yellow
  • left eye is all stark white
  • all gold teeth, dark blue and dark purple tongue
  • all black nails (fingers, toes)
  • exudes off a light mist of darkness from its skin
  • alternates between nine physical forms of various ages of male and female; takes on three older adult forms, three young adult forms, and three young child forms

fashion appearance:

  • linen clothing that differs depending upon the form it takes on, colors alternate between dark blue and dark purple
  • barefoot
  • no jewelry

behavior and personality:

  • secretive and quiet
  • manipulative, patient, observant
  • exudes an intimidating presence, regardless of mood
  • tells no one of its true identity, other than its name


  • omnipresent – exists within all darkness at once, from a shadow to the night
  • omniscient – due to its omnipresence of darkness, it bears witness to all
  • omnipotent – limitless power, potential itself pales in comparison
  • able to transport itself through any and all darkness, regardless of size or location


  • is the first being to ever exist
  • the creator of all and anything and nothing
  • its birth is the same as its existence: it just is
  • is the darkness and the darkness is it
  • exists in all realities at once

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