The Most High

ancient mythics only rumored to exist through fairy tales and mythology

each speaks in an ancient and forgotten “click language”

each has a height of 8 feet

Efts the Strength (female, modeled after the Peacock Spider):

  • four completely dark green eyes in a diamond formation
  • baby blue skin tone, thin and well-defined muscular build
  • four arms, long and bright yellow fingernails, bright yellow toenails
  • eight thick dark orange braids in a spiral design, waist length
  • four thin dark green lines, two on either side of face from top through eye to jawline
  • one thick dark green line from bottom of nose to end of chin
  • two thick dark green lines wrapping around neck
  • sleeveless sheer silver full-legged bodysuit made from web-like material, barefoot
  • creates web-like sticky fluid from thin tubing lining the inside of her cheeks
  • creates a paralyzing venom from thin veins in the tips of her fingernails
  • able to climb and stick to any surface

Ghoux the Whisper (male, modeled after the Brazilian Rainbow Boa):

  • one completely light brown eye with dark brown specks, located in top right corner of face; vertical slit eyelid
  • terra cotta brown skin tone, mesomorph and tight muscular build
  • black lips and nails, forked tongue
  • bald, barefoot, hairless
  • covered in a shimmering rainbow sheer film from head to toe
  • able to stretch to double his length and quadruple his strength
  • able to secrete a paralyzing venom from the surface of his tongue

Iowi the Various (male, modeled after the Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly):

  • three large eyes, completely orange with tiny green specks; one eye in each corner of his forehead, one eye lower and in the middle above the nose
  • emerald green skin tone, very heavyset with stomach overlapping waist
  • electric blue lips and nails
  • stark white full and flowing hair, ankle-length
  • stark white facial hair with sideburns and full mustache and beard
  • electric blue armpit and chest hair
  • orange lungi that ends right above kneecaps
  • skin color gets brighter during high levels of emotion, whether excited or upset, and remains dull in shade while calm

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