Caesura/Abyss (off/DEATH)


  • Caesura Richards – female
  • Abyss, nicknamed “Aby” by Caesura Richards – genderless

physical appearance (Caesura):

  • 4′ 11″, heavyset build, Caucasian female features
  • no tattoos, no piercings, no makeup
  • keeps hair cut low, buzzcut style, blonde
  • eyes all black, nails (toes and fingers) black

physical appearance (Abyss):

  • speaks in a multiple and dual gendered toned voice
  • black in color
  • purple starry eyes

fashion appearance (Caesura):

  • gamer and comic book long sleeve shirts
  • red mp3 player with orange over-the-ear headphones
  • wears blue jean cutoff shorts
  • wears orange hightop canvas sneakers

fashion appearance (Abyss):

  • n/a

personality and behavior (Caesura):

  • mostly quiet, sarcastic
  • high level intelligence
  • reads comic books and watches animation
  • authoritative

personality and behavior (Abyss):

  • sarcastic and suspicious
  • protective of Caesura

abilities (Caesura):

  • enhanced human senses
  • projects black energy that can be used as an extension of her self, as beams of energy, can envelope herself and others, and even teleport herself and others through a hole of black energy
  • full extent and range of abilities unknown

abilities (Abyss):

  • weak in strength, able to muster required strength at times
  • can project itself in an offensive or defensive manner

history (Caesura):

  • permanently bonded with Abyss, who she calls “Aby”, a jinn
  • younger sister of Obelus
  • abducted at the age of 5 and held in captivity for 7 years
  • murdered both of her parents a week after returning home

history (Abyss):

  • permanently bonded to Caesura to provide her enough strength to survive her 7 years of captivity, breaking its psyche in the process
  • broken psyche, able to recall fragmented portions of its history
  • a shadow jinn

team/group affiliation:


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